Do you need help understanding your financial situation before signing your divorce decree?

Do you know what to do after your divorce is final?

We understand going through a divorce can be very difficult – emotionally and financially.  We offer two services to help you through the process.

Our Pre-Divorce Financial Review will help you avoid common financial mistakes. It’s an analysis conducted before you sign your divorce decree. It provides information for your family law attorney to use to negotiate the financial outcome of your divorce.

Our Post-Divorce Transition will guide you through the steps to take control of your money and life in your new post-divorce life. We’ll work through a list of items to address including budgeting, saving strategies, asset protection, and estate planning.

We do not manage money and will not ask you to move your money. We do not sell products and will not pressure you to buy investments. When discussing your money, we focus on y-o-u.